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Wednesday, March 2nd: Third Day at Lindblom

Today was our third and last day of school. We were excited. Vibha and I loaded the car with the last few materials which included pool noodles. We ate some breakfast and then left for Lindbloom.

For today, we were mostly in seminars but we did have a few activities to run during the day. I started off my day with two senior seminars where we talked about college life in general, then University of Michigan, and answered any questions the students had. Some of the students had applied to Michigan or had accepted so that was very exciting! After this we had a small break while the students were in their advisory sessions.

After the break, I went to the Robotics Colloquium where I talked to the students about the new robotics major, the Wilson Center, and project teams. A lot of the students seemed really interested in the project teams so that was really cool. After the presentation, I went with the students to the lab where they were working on building their FIRST robot. I got to work with the CNC router and drill press which was really fun. It transported me back to my highschool days as I was always in our robotics lab fiddling with the machines. While I did this, one group ran a roller coaster activity while another ran a wind turbine activity. The students seemed to enjoy those as well. I ended the day with two more senior seminars. After all the classes were done we sat down with Nick to discuss what went well and what didn’t to get some feedback. We packed up all the materials that were left and headed back to the hotel.

We ended the day by getting dinner at the Star of Siam. Afterwards, we went to a cute

bookstore called after-words. They have all sorts of books and it was fun to look through their collection. We then went to Eataly, a market place and got some chocolates as a thank you gift to Bryan. We also got ourselves some yummy gelato. I had affogato with sea salt caramel gelato and it was so good. We ended the day by going to the pool in the hotel even though none of us had swimsuits. Overall, it was a really fun day.

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