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Tuesday, March 1st: Second Day at Lindblom

Today was our second day of school! I started my morning doing push ups with Michelle in our hotel room. We got hotel breakfast in grab-and-go style, and then drove to Lindblom. This time, no one missed any highway entrances or exits, but we still arrived to Lindblom a bit late. I didn’t go to my first class until like 8 minutes after the morning bell rang.

My first class of the day was balloon cars with Vibha. I had done balloon cars the day before with 7th graders, and it was chaotic. I was scared today would be equally chaotic, but it ran very smoothly. Vibha knew a lot about GG Brown and FXB, and I learned that the plane that currently resides in the FXB Atrium was built by a professor who wanted to prove his students wrong that a propeller could be built on the back of a plane. All the students finished early, and we managed to host a race with all the students. It was really fun! After my first class, I had 2 classes of cracking ciphers and another class of balloon cars. In general, today was a lot less chaotic than yesterday.

After school, we had a mixer with one of the student organizations at Lindblom. We sat in a

circle with some students, and talked casually. We answered questions about U-M, and we

talked about college life in general. All the girls there were interested in doing engineering, and some of them said that they were gonna consider applying to U-M after meeting us! Nick also bought us pizza to eat during the mixer :)

After leaving Lindblom, we went to get gas, and then returned to the hotel. We were late to our dinner reservation, but we still got a table at the Chinese restaurant. Michelle fell asleep at the restaurant table, and the waitress asked us if she was okay. The food was really good, and the proportions was huge. A lot of us took leftovers back.

We ended our day by going back to the hotel, and having a short reflection. We had to figure out how to do the wind turbine activity before we do it tomorrow at Lindblom.

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