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Thursday, March 3rd: Free Day in Chicago

Today was our fun day. All of us except Michelle decided to go exploring before we started our planned activities for the day. We started off by going to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. It was really cool to see all the different drinks. The views were amazing. We then decided to go shopping on the Magnificent Mile. We had fun trying on clothes and a few of us even bought some really cute things. We ended our shopping trip by getting boba from Te Amo. It was really good. We went back to the hotel to drop off our stuff and get Michelle.

We started our planned activities by visiting the WNDR Museum. The WNDR Museum is an

ever-evolving immersive art & technology experience. We spent over two hours there and took more than 1,000 pictures. All of the exhibits were so cool. Even the bathroom was a n exhibit. We definitely recommend checking it out if you go to Chicago. I don’t think I can pick a favorite exhibit but the Infinity Mirror Room was so cool. On the way back to the parking structure where the car was we decided to stop by Super Target just for fun.

Once we got the car, the plan was to park around Millennium Park and get lunch. What should have only taken us 10 minutes took us around 30 minutes because the parking garages are underground and it was very confusing trying to find the right one. We had directions pulled up on 4 different phones and they still couldn’t navigate us properly. We eventually found it and got Naf Naf for lunch.

We then took our obligatory trip to the bean and took some fun pictures with SWEet Caroline. Michelle also tried eating the bean. We decided to check out some souvenir shops for a little bit and then headed back to the hotel. We ended the day by getting dinner at Grand Lux Cafe.

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