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Sunday, February 27th: Travel to Chicago

SWEet Caroline at the hotel

ASB is finally back in-person for the first time in two years! It is my first time EVER going to

Chicago, so I am very excited to be going on this trip with SWE. Coincidentally, it is also my first time driving in Chicago traffic, so I was also very nervous. I went to pick up the van that I had parked in the triangle parking lot near South Quad and realized that I had (very embarrassingly) parked in the middle of two spots. To be fair, when I had parked the van, there was a lot of snow and I couldn’t see the lines.

After getting settled in the van, I went to pick up Stacey (one of the ASB Co-Officers) at her

apartment, then headed to the Union to pick everyone else up. That is when a lot of us realized that Bryan was coming with us! None of us had an aux cord or GPS, so we settled with listening to the radio and having whoever was in the passenger seat navigate. I was surprised that the drive wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, I was forced to listen to repeats of the same song on the Top 40 radio station. We stopped at the border of Illinois and Michigan for lunch at Subway then kept going towards Chicago.

Driving in downtown Chicago wasn’t too bad either! I’ve driven in Philadelphia before, and I

would say that that was way worse. After we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked the vans, and waited for Garima (other ASB co-officer) and Stacey to get us food for lunch for the next three days. Interestingly enough, some of us had very strong opinions about peanut butter vs almond butter. We then went to eat some Chicago deep dish pizza where we had to show our vaccine cards and ID! It was the last day we had to do that too. After eating some delicious pizza, we went back to the hotel to do a quick briefing, and went straight to bed.

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