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Monday, February 28th: First Day at Lindblom

Today was our first day of school! We had a pretty hectic morning - waking up around 6am,

packing the vans, grabbing breakfast, and then driving from the hotel to Lindblom. I was

surprised by how long the drive from the hotel to Lindblom was, and I got a little taste of

Chicago morning rush. We did end up arriving at Lindblom a little later than scheduled, but we made it before the bell rang. Just in time! Hearing the music play before the bell rang gave me major flashbacks to almost being late in high school.

My first class of the day was cracking ciphers with Vibha. We had a little trouble figuring out how to encrypt the last one, but Vibha was able to figure it out! I also learned a fun fact about Michigan, which is that it once went 25 years without holding a class. Then, Vibha and I did a hydraulics activity where we learned the important lesson of not trusting high schoolers with water. (Lots of spills were made.) Afterwards, I met up with Chelsea to make prosthetic hands. It was actually really cool! I wish I got to make one myself. My last class was with Vibha where we did packaging design.

After finishing at Lindblom, we went back to the hotel and had dinner at Quartino Ristorante. I had vodka pasta for the first time (really good), fondue also for the first time (also really good), and bruschetta. There was a chocolate shop that we went to after dinner called L.A. Burdick and they had really cute chocolate mice and penguins. I could not resist, so I bought a mouse and penguin (for $8!!). They did wrap it up very nicely in a bag, so I do not regret it. Then, we went to Jojo’s Shake Bar and some of us got really fancy milkshakes. I just got a regular vanilla milkshake with oreo mix-in, but that’s basically cookies and cream.

Overall 10/10, good first day! We were all super tired, and during our check-in meeting Garima fell asleep 5 minutes in. Excited for tomorrow though!

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