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Girl Scout Troop Visits

The Girl Scout Troop Visits took place on February 27th and March 13th with another visit coming up on April 3rd! Although the visits were virtual, the girl scouts still had a great opportunity to be creative and explore. I got the chance to ask Mary Ho, SWE Girl Scout Officer, a few questions about the events.

Could please describe the Virtual Girl Scout Visits?

Virtual visits include the Girl Scouts from a specific troop doing two STEM activities for a STEM badge via zoom due to the pandemic. Activity kits are also provided to the troop.

What activities happened during the first two visits?

The activity that the girl scouts completed during the first visit consisted of the girls creating a model rocket and a flashlight for the Space science investigator badge. On the second visit, the girl scouts built a bridge out of popsicle sticks and created a moon lander for the STEM career exploration badge.

What has been your favorite part?

My favorite part has been able to work with the girl scouts in the break-out rooms. They are all so excited to build something new and learn about what it means to be an engineer.

Is there anything new to be expected for the April visit?

The troop visit in April will be lead by SWIntern, Vibha. She is so excited to gain the experience of organizing and planning the visit.

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