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Friday, March 6th: Heading back to Ann Arbor

We got an early start to the day to begin our trip back to Ann Arbor today! Though we’re sad to be leaving Chicago after such a fun trip, it will be good to be back home in Michigan. We’re really excited that Lindblom reached out to us after we left to help them start a SWENext chapter! We wanted to extend a huge thanks to Ford and the Ginsberg Center for their financial support, Bryan Enochs and Mariah Fiumara for all their help during and before the trip, and Lindblom Math and Science Academy and Nick Anaya for hosting us and planning our schedule.

Sedan before starting our drive home!

Reflecting on our trip:

Anjana (ASB Officer): Throughout ASB, I learned about different identities, especially since we were working with students from a minority majority high school who come from very different backgrounds from the SWE members. I had to figure out how to share my knowledge and skills, while also respecting their backgrounds and future ambitions. The Ginsberg workshops really helped us as a group enter and exit the Lindblom community without disrupting their path. I will definitely continue to use the methods to successfully communicate and connect with the students at Lindblom in other SWE outreach events. 

Emily (ASB Officer): Through this trip, I learned more about connecting with people of other backgrounds and how our identities shape our experiences and who we are.This affected how I worked with other people while on the trip and how I will think about my interactions in the future. This reaffirmed the knowledge I gained working with the Ginsberg Center and their workshops to prepare for this trip and my previous outreach experience.

Hannah (Participant): From this experience I learned a lot about expectations and how we go about forming them. Specifically, I was surprised at what some of the high school students were able to accomplish compared to what I had expected. This shows that it’s hard to set expectations for other groups especially if you don't have the same background and experiences as them. This is very important when it comes to community service since every community is unique in its own way. This reinforced what I’ve learned from my time at Michigan as I’ve met peers from all over the U.S. and globe that vary highly in experiences as high schools and communities differ so greatly in resources and available opportunities.

Nina (Participant): I learned about what it means to do outreach in a community that isn’t in the direct UMich/Ann Arbor community. This allowed me to work with students of many backgrounds and reflect more on how different experiences shape interests. I also learned a lot about the concerns that high schoolers have before they enter college which allowed me perspective as to what challenges some of my peers at Michigan may be facing. 

ASB Dream Team

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