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Engineering Games 2021

The 21st annual Engineering Games took place on Saturday, February 13th. This year’s proceeds went towards the COVID-19 Student Support Fund at the University of Michigan. This much anticipated event was just as much fun even under challenging circumstances. I got the chance to ask Akshaya Jagadeesh and Lizzy Lu, the SWE College Relations Co-Chairs, a few questions about the event.

What are the Engineering Games?

The Engineering Games is an annual competition between University of Michigan’s engineering organizations. It typically consists of a talent show and design competition with representatives from each organization. Students can pay to come watch the show while getting catered food and engaging with companies that sponsor the event. The event’s revenue goes towards a philanthropic organization.

How was this year different?

This year, we redesigned the format of the Engineering Games due to it being virtual. We

initially considered translating the usual format to an online video stream, but realized that it

wouldn’t be as engaging for spectators. So we made it a mega-games night with all types of

activities, from mini ones like Skribblio and Among Us, to larger ones like a virtual escape room and trivia tournament hosted by TriviaHub. It was open to all University of Michigan students, with the option for engineering organizations to form teams that would represent them and earn points by playing the different games to decide who would win the title of “Best Engineering Organization”. There were also various prizes including ones for the trivia tournament, Escape Room, and raffle prizes for attendees that also paid to enter the raffle.

What were the highlights of the evening?

The highlights of the evening were watching teams get fiercely competitive in the trivia

tournament and scramble to figure out clues and break some challenging puzzles in the virtual escape room.

Do you have any ideas to incorporate into the Engineering Games in the future?

I think it would be fun to consider adding an interactive part to the Engineering Games

(in-person) for spectators in the future, so they can socialize and also have some friendly

competition in exchange for prizes, as they enjoy the show.

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