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Day 4: Waste Management and Biomedical Engineering

By Tisha Jain

May 4, 2023

We started our morning fresh-eyed with an energetic Yoga session. Breakfast was amazing with French toast, eggs, Poha, Orange Juice and watermelon!

After that rejuvenating start to our day, we headed to the school to meet the kids. Our first activity was waste management. We introduced the students to the concept of waste management and the steps India has taken to reduce its waste. Following that, we talked a little about chemical engineering and had students build filtering devices out of bottles! All the students came up with some really creative designs. We tested their filtration power with muddy water, and some of the filters really cleared the dirty water!

Our last activity was from Biomedical Engineering. For this, the students were tasked with making a human hand from paper and thread in a way that replicated the motions of a real hand and its joints.

It was then lunch time, and all the girls dragged us to sit with them for lunch. I got to try some really good Indian food like Paneer, Dal, Roti, Bhindi (lady fingers, as they call it here), and Gulab Jamun!

Today also marked the last day of our activities with the students, as we prepare to leave Walchandnagar tomorrow. All the students wanted to take pictures with us for memories. I have definitely never taken as many selfies in my entire life, as I had today :D but it was so much fun!

Soon after, we went on a tour of the Walchandnagar Industries. We were met by some of the head engineers that work there and were given a tour while most of the workers were on their lunch break. There was a lot to see; plenty of metal forming and welding, as well as different processes for heat treatment. They also showed us how the factories manufactured products for the cement industry and rocket parts for ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization).

As the tomorrow approaches, I am left with mixed emotions. Happy because I got to spend time with such brilliant minds and leave an impact in their lives, and a little sad because I’ll have to say good bye to them.

But for now, I am excited for the Valedictorian function the school is hosting tomorrow, and we all are invited!

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