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Day 4: Last Day of Week 1!

Today was the last day of camp with the undergraduate students. In the morning, groups presented their case study research on mining practices in Liberia. Each group presented information about mining practices, the dangers, sustainability, and made recommendations regarding the future of mining. 

After lunch, we learned about food science from our resident material science and chemistry expert Lydia! She taught us about our favorite food, candy! To demonstrate the science behind food, we melted and shaped jolly ranchers and made almond toffee from condensed milk. The rest of the afternoon was spent eating our creations and tie dying t-shirts.

After dinner, the groups met back up again to finish our "sugar cubes” and sign shirts. Sugar cubes were little envelops with our names on them that we kept up in the classroom during the week. This way we could all write encouraging notes to each other throughout the week. The night concluded with a dance party and lots of selfies.

Next week we begin camp with high school students!

- Maya

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