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Day 3: An Eggcelent Day!

It’s our third day of camp! The time is really flying by. Today, we started the morning off with a lovely breakfast of oatmeal, sausage, boiled egg, and bread.

Following breakfast, Lydia gave a very important presentation about graduate school. She discussed personal and academic statements, resumes, and letters of recommendations. Additionally, she spoke about the GRE and handed out valuable resources for practicing. 

Lydia presenting professional development material!

Transitioning into the evening we had chicken, fish, crab, and cow skin (pretty great!) served in palm butter, and rice. Palm butter comes from the nut of palm trees. It is then strained and out comes the butter. It was very delicious!

For the evening activity, we had some friendly competition with a car safety design challenge. Each team created their own unique car that could withstand a downhill ramp crash while protecting its “passenger” egg. Of course, all of the cars survived the first 2 rounds, so we had to drop them off of the second floor to find the best designed car. 

Maya presenting on crash safety concepts and gives the design challenge parameters!

Skylar and three L-SWE students with their car design

We wrapped up the night with some light hearted karaoke

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