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Day 3: All about Computer Science: Lego Mindstorms and AI!

By Tisha Jain May 3, 2023

Today we had our second day of yoga! One of the school’s P.E teachers promptly led the session at 7 am. He showed us many different techniques that helped relax our bodies, and ease a lot of our back pain. I felt really refreshed after that.

After yoga, we went back to eat breakfast. Then, we went to the school to start another day of outreach activities! Our first activity for the day was on Artificial Intelligence, which I led. We introduced the students to the concept of AI and even showed them how ChatGPT and Dall-E worked! After that, we dove into hands-on activities on facial recognition, machine learning and the Turing Test!

Next, we had the students build the Lego Mindstorms robots. They used the pictorial directions to build the main body and sensors. The students were able to successfully build the robots and make them traverse a maze by using a line-following sensor.

In the evening, the teachers from the Academy came over to our place and wrapped us in Sarees, a traditional Indian wear! It was indeed a treat for us and a great bonding time with the school staff. I attempted, and hilariously failed, to put on the saree myself and had to be rescued by the teachers :D

Our dinner for tonight was mutter paneer, an Indian cottage cheese dish, dal, mozzarella sticks, and rice, and we had pistachio kulfis today! The cooks at our guest house even got us mangoes for dessert, which were really tasty.

I am super excited for tomorrow! Catch you all later!

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