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Day 1: Camp at Walchandnagar

By Tisha Jain

May 1, 2023

Today marked the dawn of our Summer Camp hosted by SWE, a thrilling event for Walchandnagar's students. Upon our arrival, vibrant Rangoli drawings greeted us, intricate designs crafted with colored sand on the floor. The students erupted in applause and presented us with roses - an unexpected and awe-inspiring welcome. Following a brief introduction from the principal, we launched into our activities.

Our first activity for the day was in Mechanical Engineering: building Balloon powered cars. The objective was to construct a vehicle that could travel the longest distance while surviving the greatest impact from collisions, propelled solely by self-inflated balloons. Numerous groups produced innovative designs, from streamlined shapes to balloons atop, reducing drag force and more.

Next, we delved into Aerospace Engineering, creating helicopters with paper cups and straws. The students transformed seemingly inanimate objects into airborne marvels, an enthralling sight to behold.

We returned to our residence for lunch, highlighted by mango ice cream, dal, rice, and french fries! Following a meal, we visited the teachers for an informative session. The Academy's educators presented on the Indian School system, while we, SWE's delegation, discussed American School Systems.

The day's highlight was Mehendi drawing, with the school's faculty gathering us for a session of temporary skin decoration, an enjoyable experience with intricate designs on our hands.

Overall, our first day was a great success, leaving us fatigued on our return home. Some of us promptly dozed off. Dinner was served late, concluding with Kulfi, a classic Indian ice cream, and one of the finest I've ever tasted.

We eagerly anticipate our second day at the school tomorrow!

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