Company FAQ

What happens at a Corporate Information Session (CIS)?

A Corporate Information Session is a short information session where company representatives have the opportunity to talk about your company, jobs, and recruiting process. Company representatives often give a presentation then open the floor to questions and networking.

How many students can we expect?

We ask you to make this estimate is based on the size of your company, the majors you are recruiting, and the type of employment you are looking for. The baseline for most companies is 25 students.

How much food should we order?

The amount of food ordered is automatically determined based on the number of students you are expecting. If you order from Cottage Inn, Jimmy Johns, or Zingermans, the CIS committee will take care of the ordering, delivery, and set-up for the food. More information about food can be found here.

We are a lesser-known company looking to gain some exposure. What can we do to raise company awareness for a good turn out during our session?

If you are currently in contact with students interested in your company, we encourage you to inform them of your session. You can also provide your own company flyers for us to post to promote your session. Feel free to contact for any assistance.

When should I expect my confirmation?

Once you register, an auto-confirmation will be sent to you. Within a week, you will receive another confirmation email with a room assignment. You will then receive a reminder e-mail the week before the scheduled session.

When should I expect an invoice?

An invoice will be sent during the week of your scheduled session. This e-mail will include payment instructions and an invoice. To avoid a late fee, please pay within 30 days of receiving your invoice.

Where should I mail packages?

Please mail packages to: Gabrielle Reszke Society of Women Engineers 1226 EECS Building, Cubicle F
1301 Beal Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48109 If you are mailing a package, we ask that you e-mail to let our secretary know that we are expecting a package.

Who can I contact the night of the session?

At least two officers from the Corporate and Alumni Relations (CAR) committee will be available to set up for your session. If you have any questions, you may also contact us by calling the Society of Women Engineers office at (734) 763-5027.